Adventure Is Therapy

Team Hunt Adventure is our ‘adventure’ therapy platform.  We overland, camp, hike and explore to prove that being in nature has healing benefits to mind, body and spirit. Hunt has blossomed since we have intentionally included outdoor activities in to our life’s routine. Many of our trips include activities such as hiking, canoeing and biking that weave in therapy programs to help maintain and support Hunt’s therapy routines.


Team Hunt Adventure West

2019 Trip Plans are here!!! We hope to see, meet and listen to more of your inspiring stories this year! THA will be in the Overland Bound booth at Overland Expo West so please stop by, say hello and help us spread hope thru adventure. We hope to announce additional meet up dates as the fall schedule starts to unfold. Being with those you love + enjoying the outdoors is the best therapy!

2019 Dates

Cars N Coffee

Franklin, TN
Apr 6

Overland Expo West

Flagstaff, AZ
May 16-19


North Rim, Grand Canyon
May 19

Moab Meet Up

Moab, UT
May 23

Rocky Mountain Overland Rally

Gunnison, CO
Aug 1-3


Aug 4

Overland Expo East

Asheville, NC
Oct 11-13


Liepers Fork, TN
Oct 14

Jeep + Camp Walk Around

Enjoy a few video highlights from our Canada trip and an in depth tour of our camp while close to Mt. Robson, BC!

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